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Jean Vigo’s L’Atlante : An exploration of human engagements through the cinematic language.

Vigo’s L’Atlante : An exploration of human engagements through the cinematic       language. With the opening credits of the movie L’atlante music flows rhythmically on varying tones which with an already given knowledge about the title of the movie suggests that some adventure would be opening now. The very first shot has the nose of the barge carrying ship which has the title L’ATLANTE on it. When I recall my very first experience with this movie some years back I did not know who Jean Vigo was and what contributions he had made to the cinematic world. I saw the whole movie without having any prior knowledge about the maker and the movie itself apart from the information that it was a french movie made in the year 1934 by the director Jean Vigo who later on had died the same year at a tender age of 29. It certainly made me think and see the progression of the movie also through the point of view of the director while he was well aware of his declining and fragile c

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